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                                                                          OUR SERVICES

  • Daily Picks (momentum stocks) Good for the day (15,000/per quarter/6000 a month)
  • SMS Signals for Intra-day Trading including Daily Picks (20,000/ per quarter/8000 a month)
  • Daily Futures Newsletter (20,000/per quarter/8000 a month)
  • SMS Signals for Intra-day Trading including Futures Newsletter (25000/ per quarter/10000 a month)  
  • Weekly Newsletter For Futures for Short-term Trading (20,000/ per quarter/8000 a month)
  • Weekly Newsletter for Short-term Delivery based Trading (20,000/ per quarter/8000 a month)
  • Mid- Caps & Futures Daily 2-3 days move (40000/ per quarter/15000/ a month)
  • Your Stocks: 500/per stock (specify your stock in Register payment details)
  • Custom Technical Reports

1. Daily Trading Strategy (DTS) -

This is a product meant for day-traders and/or short-term traders. It is primarily a technical newsletter. It offers daily outlook for the Nifty as well as several pivotal stocks that are traded in the futures and options segment as well. Apart from the Nifty and the leading stocks covered here, sometimes we also give some trading and/or investment ideas from either the pivotal segment or the cash group or both. You would receive the next trading day's advice by the prior evening in your email id.

Subscription rates:
Monthly Quarterly Annually
Rs 3,000/-* Rs 8,000/-* Rs 30,000/-*
 * plus taxes as applicable.
 # Your subscription can commence on any day of the month.
2. Online trading advice through internet chat mode -

This service is meant for brokers and high volume traders including corporate ones. Subscribers are offered both daytrading and short to mid term trading advice during market hours on a real time basis. Here there is no fixed list of stocks. For technical advice you can get guidance on most of the actively traded counters either at the BSE or at The NSE or both. The clients can also query on their stocks. This service is offered to a limited number of clients since we can't serve too many clients here.

Subscription Rates (Single Chat ID):
Monthly Quarterly
Rs 15,000/-* Rs 30,000/-*
 * plus taxes as applicable.
 # Rates are negotiable for corporate clients opting for multiple chat ids.
3. Advantage Long-Term: Investment Newsletter -

This is an investment newsletter with a long-term perspective. Meant for High Networth Individuals (HNIs) and Corporate clients, here, we offer investment ideas considering multiple angles relating to investment. We firmly believe that you don't get real good investment ideas too often. And they definitely do not surface at regular intervals. Thus, once you subscribe our commitment to you would be for twelve issues of this newsletter. There is no periodicity for this product. As and when they are published they would be sent to you through email.

Subscription Rates: for 12 issues - Rs 25,000/- plus taxes as applicable.
4. Portfolio Review and Advisory Services -

This service is also meant for HNIs and Corporate clients. Here, we provide either a one-time portfolio review and restructuring service and if required this service may be provided on an ongoing basis. Service charges are negotiable depending on the work involved. Contact us for details.


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